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Our Toy Fox Terrier Girls

Current Showing and/or Breeding Girls...

Young Prospects - Showing and/or Breeding Girls...

DynAsty's Detective Kate Beckett



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Retired Girls~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                           These girls are retired from showing and breeding 

Destiny Smile Melinda


Destiny Smile Ellada

"Lada"    Final litter planned for summer 2022

DynAsty's Sweet Summer Nights


PLL - Clear by Parentage

  • CHG - Clear by Parentage
  • SCA - Clear Tested
  • Patella - OFA Good
  • DM - Tested Clear
  • AKC Pointed in limited showing
  • Now lived with a great local couple!!
  • DynAsty's Fall In Love


    CLICK HERE... to visit Autumn's page for more information and pictures. 

    Autumn is now living with her 1/2 brother, Beamer, in Florida with their wonderful human family.

    AKC Pointed
    Lives with one of our other TFTs in a great home!

    AKC Champion

    Crossed the rainbow bridge

    AKC Champion

    Top 10 TFT 2006

    ROM Dam

    Crossed the rainbow bridge

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