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Our Toy Fox Terrier Girls

Current Showing and/or Breeding Girls...

Young Prospects - Showing and/or Breeding Girls...

DynAsty's Detective Kate Beckett




DynAsty's Little Bit Insubordinate

CLICK HERE... to visit Nyla's page for more information, health information, and pictures....(coming soon)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Retired Girls~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                           These girls are retired from showing and breeding 

Destiny Smile Ellada

"Lada"    Final litter planned for summer 2022

Destiny Smile Melinda


DynAsty's It's All About the Climb



DynAsty's Sweet Summer Nights


PLL - Clear by Parentage

  • CHG - Clear by Parentage
  • SCA - Clear Tested
  • Patella - OFA Good
  • DM - Tested Clear
  • AKC Pointed in limited showing
  • Now lived with a great local couple!!
  • DynAsty's Fall In Love


    CLICK HERE... to visit Autumn's page for more information and pictures. 

    Autumn is now living with her 1/2 brother, Beamer, in Florida with their wonderful human family.

    AKC Pointed
    Lives with one of our other TFTs in a great home!

    AKC Champion

    Crossed the rainbow bridge

    AKC Champion

    Top 10 TFT 2006

    ROM Dam

    Crossed the rainbow bridge

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