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GCHB DynAsty Topfox Sugar N Spice

Mila is a sweet and spicy little girl. She is currently the #1 Toy Fox Terrier in the country in the AKC Breed Points system. 

Owners: Theresa Topham, Amanda Halsey, and Judy Threlfall

Breeder: Amanda Halsey

Handler: Luke Waters and Jacob Waters

TFT HalseyCROP.jpg


Gait: Movement is smooth and flowing with good reach and strong drive. The topline should remain straight and head and tail carriage erect while gaiting... Taken from the AKC written standard for the Toy Fox Terrier. Mila has excellent reach and drive. In other words, she has a big, ground-covering trot. 



General Appearance: The Toy Fox Terrier is truly a toy and a terrier and both have influenced
his personality and character. As a terrier, the Toy Fox Terrier possesses keen intelligence, courage, and animation. As a toy his is diminutive, and devoted with an endless abiding love for his master. The Toy Fox Terrier is a well-balanced Toy dog of athletic appearance displaying grace and agility in equal measure with strength and stamina. His lithe muscular body has a
smooth elegant outline which conveys the impression of effortless movement and endless endurance. He is naturally well groomed, proud, animated, and alert. Characteristic traits are his
elegant head, his short glossy and predominantly white coat, coupled with a predominantly solid head, and his short high-set tail.
Taken from the Toy Fox Terrier AKC written standard. 



Mila finished her champion title quickly from the puppy classes. 

She was awarded multiple BOS awards and Select BItch awards during the Royal Canin Week her first weekend out as a special. 

By January 31st, Mila was ranked as the #1 TFT in AKC Breed Standings. As of Feb 29th, Mila continued to be the #1 TFT in breed standings. 

She's placed in some very competitive Toy groups in her first couple months out as a special. Tot hose who don't show, a "special" is a synonym for the champion who is showing looking for best of breeds and group placements.  

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