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About Our Toy Fox Terrier

About Us... at DynAsty Toy Fox Terrier

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.... Proverbs 3:5-6

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Hello, My name is Mandy Halsey and I am the founder of DynAsty Toy Fox Terriers. I started my toy fox terrier endeavor in 2002 as Mandy Price, but have since gotten married. My first contact with a toy fox terrier was in 2000 when my younger brother brought home a toy fox terrier mix named Foxy. Needless to say, our family was hooked!! In the next few years I purchased a couple toy fox terriers of my own... cause everybody knows toy fox terriers are like those darn potato chips... you can't have just one! Now just over 20

years later I have a small pack of TFTs who currently call my house home. I do also co-own a few TFTs that are owned by other people and I co-own some puppies that I have sold.

I purchased my first toy fox terrier in 2002 and have been showing them since they came into AKC in 2003. I own and handled AKC Top 10 TFTs in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2009. 

I have continued to show after 2009, but I haven't had the time that is needed to campaign a top dog. I have always handled my own TFTs and I really enjoy showing them. I trained and showed Quarter Horses and Paint Horses for over ten years... so I guess animals and competition go hand in hand with me. Please see some of our show accomplishments below...

Our TFTs live in our home and are members of the family. I promised myself (and my dogs) that I would never have more than 10 dogs living with me. We (my husband and I) built our first home in 2009. I insisted that my dogs have their own room in the house that is just theirs. So we added an extra living room area off the kitchen and plan to have a couch, TV and all the dog beds and toys we can comfortably fit in there! In 2015 we needed to move for my husband's job and built a second home with an even better dog area. 

In the beginning I did my homework in studying the standard and in purchasing toy fox terriers from quality breeders. Our TFTs go back to Valcopy, Hopkins, Wilkins, Jacobs, Gordens, Toy Acres and other great lines. We usually breed a small number of litters per year so puppies get a lot of love and individual attention.

I have not shown much in the last 9-10 years. I still have my TFTs, but my focus has been on growing my human family. The kids love the dogs and especially the puppies. I still do have puppies, but I am not traveling around the country showing like I did "in my younger years". 

 Mandy (Amanda) Halsey is a 7th and 8th grade Intervention Specialist (aka a special education teacher). Her husband is also in education. He was an elementary teacher for about 10 years, and he currently is an elementary principal. Mandy has a BS Degree from the University of Findlay. Mandy also has a AA Degree in Equestrian Studies with an Emphasis in English riding, also from the University of Findlay. She enjoys spending time with family, riding horses (although she now has parted with her horses), drawing, painting, socializing with good friends, and showing her TFTs!

Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me... John 14:6

Health Conditions we test for:

We test for the conditions listed below. You can click on each condition to learn more about it if you'd like. Some of our puppies do not need to be tested for certain conditions because they are considered "clear by parentage" due to their parents testing clear for the condition. If both parents are tested clear, then they can only pass the good gene (because testing clear means they don't have a mutated, bad copy of the gene) onto their offspring. So puppies with two tested clear parents would not need to be tested for that condition. 

We try our best to keep our dogs and puppies parasite free. We frequently fecal test our adults and do random fecal testing on the puppies. We've been successful so far in preventing intestinal worms, but giardia and coccidia are harder to prevent since the dogs can pick them up in the yard/puddles/etc. 

Show Accomplishments!!...

Nationally Ranked TFTs (AKC)
  • Number 5 TFT in 2004 - Rocky

  • Number 9 TFT in 2005 - Rocky

  • Number 8 TFT in 2006 - Chanel

  • Number 9 TFT 2007 - Laney

  • Number 19 TFT 2008 - Dreamer

  • Number 4 TFT 2009 - Vegas

  • 2009 ATFTC National Specialty Best of Breed Winner - Vegas

  • Award of Excellence (AOE) - AKC Eukanuba Invitational Jan 2005 - Rocky

  • ATFTC National Specialty BEST PUPPY May 2006 - Laney

Group Placements...

  • Group 4 - Puppy Group, Echo Hills KC June 2003 - Rocky

  • Group 1 - Puppy Group, Livonia KC Sept 2004 - Stella

  • Group 2, UKC show 2004 - Rocky

  • Group 2 - Puppy Group Toledo KC June 2005 - Chanel

  • Group 3, Central OH KC April 2006 - Chanel

  • Group 3, Dayton KC June 2007 - Laney

  • Group 4, Rubber City KC May 2008 - Dreamer

  • Group 2 - Bred-By Group Oakland KC Jan 2009 - Vegas

  • Group 3, Logansport KC March 2009 - Vegas

  • Group 4, Steel City KC April 11, 2009 - Vegas

  • Group 3, Steel City KC April 12, 2009 - Vegas

  • Group 3, Central Ohio KC April 19, 2009 - Vegas

  • Group 4, Dan Emmett KC July 25, 2009 - Vegas

  • Group 1, Livonia KC Aug 29, 2009 - Vegas

  • Group 2, Livonia KC Aug 29, 2009 - Vegas

  • Group 2, Bred-By Group 2 Detroit KC Mar 2010 - Jack

  • Group 2, Central OH KC Apr 25, 2010 - Jack

  • Group 4, Muncie KC Aug 19, 2010 - Vegas

  • Group 1, Bred-By Group, Oakland KC Jan 2014 - Beamer

Best Bred-By in Breed Competition...

  • Detroit KC March 2006 - Vivian

  • Delaware KC October 2007 - Tommy

  • Detroit KC March 2008 - Izzie

  • Grand Rapids KC May 2008 - Izzie

  • Oakland KC Jan 2008 - Vegas

  • Detroit KC Mar 2010 - Jack

  • Oakland KC Jan 2014 - Beamer

Finished Champions & Grand Champions - (TFTs that we showed and/or bred)...

(** - Our Dogs, living with us)

BBE-CH : Finished With ALL Points Coming from the Bred-By Class

  • CH UKC GRCH Priceless Paws' Apollo(Rocky)

  • CH Gordens Prices Pretty N Pink(Stella)

  • CH Casmar Prices Coco Chanel(Chanel)

  • CH DynAsty's Pretty Woman(Vivian)BBE-CH

  • CH Valcopy Victory Lane(Laney)**

  • CH Pegasus Sydney of DynAsty(Sydney)

  • CH Valcopy C-Lyn Emerald Martini(Lily)

  • CH DynAsty's Dreamer(Dreamer)BBE-CH

  • CH DynAsty's One Hot Tom Ali(Tommy)BBE-CH

  • CH DynAsty's Seattle Grace(Izzie)BBE-CH

  • CH DynAsty's Any Given Sunday(Sunny)

  • GCH DynAsty Valcopy What Happens In Vegas (Vegas)BBE-CH**

  • CH DynAsty Valcopy Guitar Hero(Teddie)

  • GCH TopFox DynAsty Jack of Spades(Jack)BBE-CH**

  • CH DynAsty Valcopy She Came to Party(Lacey)

  • CH DynAsty Prairie Farm Sweet N Sassy(Sassy)

  • GCH MaldonFox Which Way Is The Party(Nessa)

  • CH DynAsty's Mr. Big Time(Beamer)BBE-CH**

  • CH DynAsty's Poetry In Motion(Juliette)

  • CH DynAsty's Deck The Halls(Holly)

  • GCH Fly'N Fox This is Why I'm Hot(Sparky)**

  • GCH Kallmee The Caped Crusader (Batman)**

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