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Owner Comments

Some of our puppy owners :-) 

Chanel/Rocky Daughter - "Izzie"

Hi Mandy, Well it's been a year now that we have had Izzie at our home and I am pleased to say she has really settled in.

She is the spoiled baby in the family. It was a tough july 4th because Izzie hates fireworks and she also is terrified of thunder.

I have to put her in her crate and cover her with her blanket and then she feels safe. If I don't do that she shakes terribly. Other than that she has no issues. At night she snuggles with me and she even snores. We took her on vacation to Stowe, Vermont at the beginning of August. She loved it. I have a carrier that I wear and she goes in front so we could take her to the car show. Nelly has to walk she is to heavy for the carrier. I have included a few pictures for you - one is of my grandson Macen sharing his sippy cup with Izzie - then we have Izzie at the hotel in Stowe--- Izzie kicking back in her crate and lastly we have Izzie taking over the cats bed and trust me Stanly is not to happy with that - it's like a race to see who can get in that bed first and now Nelly has started to go in it too. What a bunch.

I have been on you web site and love the pictures. I hope you breed for a long time because I know someday we will want another pup. We are truly blessed with our pets.

I hope all is well with you and your family. 


Dreamer/Vegas Daughter - "Lola"

Hi Mandy, Here are some pictures of lola. As you can see she likes to dump her food out sometimes to eat it. She is showing her personality now

that she feels secure in her new home. She is going to bathroom on the pads I bought and is even going outside. She brings a lot of joy.

Take care, Karen

Update 6/1/10

Hi Mandy, Hard to believe that Lola will be a year old tomorrow. She is such a wonderful dog, sweet,silly,fiesty and oh so lovable. She loves to cuddle and kiss. She has stolen my husband's heart. She is truly the best dog I have ever had. She makes us laugh everyday with her antics. She is learning new tricks and amazes us everyday. Thank you

for giving us to her. Have a great holiday, Karen

Laney/Shorty Boys - "Beanie and Bobby"


Good to hear from you!! That's great about Vegas!! I have been keeping up with your website and accomplishments with him. The boys are doing great. We have been training them a little and that has been going well. They walk (heal) on a lead very nicely. I have included a picture I took this morning of them. Keep up the great work with Vegas. We'll talk soon. Lois

Addie/Rocky Daughter - "Shotzie"

Update Sept 2012...

Hi Mandy,

I don’t know if you remember us, but my husband and I adopted a TFT from you who we named, Shotzie. You still have her picture on your website when she was a puppy. Well, she’s 6 years old now and as you can see by the picture I’ve attached she still sits the same way. She was looking out our patio window at a squirrel. When I saw her I knew I had to send you the picture.

She’s doing well. We are still amazed by her everyday, because she is so sweet & funny. We love her to pieces!

I’m glad to see you’re still involved with showing & breeding your dogs.


Peggy Cherny

Hi Mandy,

Here are a few pictures of Shotzie. She's doing great. She's has a great personality, is crazy & silly and is a wonderful companion. We all love her to pieces!! I never thought my husband would love a dog as much as he does her. Thanks again for letting us adopt her.


Peg Cherny 

Laney/Shorty Son - "Nigel"

Many, many thanks to Mandy and her family of fabulous TFT's! We couldn't be happier with our new "Nigel"!!! He's the smartest, funniest and sweetest little guy! Mandy is the most caring and supportive breeder anywhere and we can't thank her enough for her help and information! All the best to the entire DynAsty family!!! - Barbara

By the way, you should know that Beau is the perfect lap dog. That is all he wants. If someone (vistor, friend, family, insurance salesman lol) sits down and has an available lap, Beau is in it.

Hope to hear from you soon,


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