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Below are some recommendations for items. You do not need to buy these exact items or all the items. This is just a convenient place for us to list the items that we find helpful, and you might find helpful too. If you click on the link next to each item, it should take you right to the page where you can find the item. 

Also... Please see the bottom of the page for more information on what items come with your puppy if you adopt one of our babies. 

Are you ready for Adoption/Pick Up Day?

What we send home with you...

  • Small amount of food 

  • Used potty pellets - sprinkle these in a small part of your yard to help your puppy want to potty there. 

  • A blankie 

  • Folder with adoption agreement and other informational papers 

  • Bag to carry your items home in 

Please watch this video -


~ Food we feed - Farmina N&D Ancestral Grain Lamb & Blueberry Recipe Puppy Mini Dry Dog Food

(in the past we've fed Pro Plan Toy Breed Puppy Formula)

~ Potty Pellets that we use - Timothy Grass Pellets - We buy them from Tractor Supply

What items do I need for my new puppy?

These are things that we recommend...

Items and Training that we Recommend:

Along with the following items we also STRONGLY recommend that you do at least 8-12 weeks of training classes with your new puppy. We recommend conformation class or basic obedience classes. We recommend skipping "puppy kindergarten" class. Puppy kindergarten is usually filled with unrulily puppies and clueless owners who think their aggressive puppy "just wants to play" with your puppy. Your puppy will be fully vaccinated by 16 weeks of age. We recommend starting classes at this time. The longer you wait to start classes, the more shy your puppy will be when starting the classes, so it's best to start as soon as the puppy is fully vaccinated.  

      -Conformation Class: this is a class that prepares a puppy to show, BUT it is also a great class to get your puppy used to other dogs, distractions, and being examined on a table. Why would you want your puppy to be examined on a table??.... the VET'S OFFICE!! Most dogs find the vet's office a scary place and being place on a high table another scary place. 

       -Obedience Classes: These classes are great for getting your puppy used to other people, dogs, and distractions. If you do an obedience class rather than a conformation class, please see if your trainer will work on table-work as well. It's best to have a variety of people go over your puppy on the table and not just the same one person. 

Other Information: It's best to take your puppy everyplace that you can during it's first year of age. Have people over to your house often as soon as you bring your new puppy home and for the first weeks and months after that as well. TFTs tend to really fall in love with "their people" and need to be exposed to other people as much as possible in puppyhood to be comfortable in social situations in and out of the house as an adult. 

Items with links to where you can buy them:











Treats: I use pieces of dog kibble as treats most of the time (lower calorie than actual "treats").

Chew Toys: 





  • A grooming table is a GREAT place to do your dog's nail, teeth, give medicine, etc...

ALSO - Once you have adopted a puppy from us, you will have the password to our additional videos page. Click Here to visit the page directly. Please email us if you are a puppy parent and have lost the password. 

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